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Tour Testimonials

What have previous guests said about their own SELECT SOJOURNING SOLUTION?

“Expert tour guide, now friend....John knows his history, is flexible, resourceful, very open and genuinely interested in the subjects and places we came to see, even touristy ones! He’s also adept at finding great, out of the way pubs! We are definitely going to use him again."
Curtis and Margaret Bellfy, Phoenix, Arizona

“John's wealth of knowledge, flexibility, and unfailing good humor made our trip all we'd hoped for and more. He started as our guide and ended a good friend. We highly recommend his expertise to anyone wanting a wonderful adventure in the British Isles, customized for you."
Susan Williams, Traverse City, Michigan

”An excellent tour. I can’t imagine anyone with more knowledge of the UK. John’s driving skills are also first rate. He has an easy manner and mission to inform and entertain. Conversations en route are as stimulating as places visited. “I have used Mr. Greenwood as a tour guide four times so far and intend to use him again in the future.”
Paul Orsini, Goshen, New York

”The streets of Pompeii overlooked by Vesuvius, the views of the Amalfi coast from cliff top Ravello, the medieval towers sprouting up from St Gimignano’s narrow streets; just some of the many wonderful memories from our Italian tour we’ll never forget, thanks to John”.
Pat Warrington, Staffordshire, England

“Basking in Hungary’s Heviz hot spa lake, admiring Vienna’s magnificent Schonbrunn palace, sauntering down narrow, medieval, cobbled Czech streets in Cesky Krumlov – just some highlights of our wonderful, central European tour that John devised and guided superbly”.
Maxine Gregory, Derbyshire, England


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